Over 250 Participants Gain Chizuk and Perspective on the Sassoon Tragedy in Brooklyn


sassoon7[Audio below.] We all heard the news, and as individuals we grieve, as a nation we are traumatized. A family. 7 Children. An indescribable tragedy. How do they go on? How do we react? What lessons are we supposed to learn?

There was an overwhelming response of people looking for chizuk as 750 people registered and over 250 people joined a live webinar by Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier of the Shmuz on March 31st.   The webinar focused on the tragedy in Brooklyn and gave the participants an opportunity to directly address, ask questions and bring up their concerns.

One of the points that Rabbi Shafier made was that we read about these types of events all the time. In fact, in the course of a single year there are hundreds of such tragedies that occur. Yet those don’t move us. Why? Because they happen to others. But this situation was different, it happened to one of ours.

And while this doesn’t take away from the tragedy of the situation, it does point out our unity. We are one people. When an Italian Airliner goes down, you don’t hear about groups across the world gathering for solace. When a fire breaks out in California, there are vigils held in N. Carolinia. We are one people. And when something like happens, it affects us. It affects all of us because we are one.

To hear this powerful shmuz and to help gain better perspective, CLICK HERE.

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