Overdue Book Returned To Nyc Library 38 Years Late


A middle-aged mystery man strolled into the Tompkins Square Library Thursday saying he’d like to return “The Woman in the White House” by Marianne Means.

The due date? June 16, 1979 — or 13,935 days ago.

“I was like, wow!” library clerk Olga Estevez, 60, told The Post. “He just said he found the book. I didn’t ask him any questions. He wanted to know if the book was in the system and I said, ‘No, this is from 1979!’ He wanted to know if it can be put back into the system, because it was a good book. He said he was sorry it was late and just left,” Estevez explained.

The rogue reader would have owed $3,483.75 if the library had whacked him with the 25-cents-per-day fine. Read more at NY POST.




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