PA: 11 Million ‘Palestinians’ Around The World


palestiniansAt the end of the decade there are 10.9 million Palestinians in the world, over half of them living in the Diaspora, a report by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics released this week stated. According to the report, growth in the Palestinian territories in 2009 stood at 2.9%.

The credibility of the information published by the Palestinian Authority is unclear, and it has been argued in the past that the PA intentionally exaggerates the number of residents in its territory.

According to the report, there are currently 2.5 million people living in the West Bank, and 1.5 million people living in the Gaza Strip.

The report includes Israel’s Arabs among the global Palestinian population, adding another 1.25 million people.

Of the Palestinians living abroad, Jordan has the highest rate, with 3.24 million Palestinian residents, making up almost 30% of the global Palestinian population. Some 1.78 million Palestinians live in other Arab countries, and some 618,000 are scattered around the world.

Some 45% of the residents of the Palestinian territories are internal refugees who were removed from their lands. The percentage of refugees in the West Bank stands at 18.8%, and in Gaza – 26.2%, the report said.

The PCBS examined data from 1997 – 2007 in terms of average family size and fertility rates. In 2007, a Palestinian woman had an average of 4.6 children, compared to an average of six children 10 years prior.

The Palestinian family, which included an average of 6.4 souls in 1997, shrunk to 5.8 people per family a decade later.

The crude birth rate in the Palestinian territory dropped from 42.7 births per 1000 population in 1997 to 32.7 in 2009 and the crude death rate in the territories declined from 4.9 deaths per 1000 population in 1997 to 4.3 in 2009.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. Will somebody please scream out already ‘the emperor has no clothes!!’ THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTINIAN NATION – the word ‘Palestinian’ started being used less than 100 years ago and it referred to Jews living in Eretz Yisrael no less than lehavdil the non-Jews… the whole usage of the term ‘Palestinian’ as a term to indicate an opposition to ‘Israeli’ started as no more than that, simply a rejection of Jews’ (perhaps more accurately zionists’) ‘rights’ to rule the land. The negation of another nation’s right to rule WHETHER OR NOT IT IS CORRECT!! DOES NOT make a group of arabs into A NATION !! The only explanation I can understand as to why I haven’t heard EVEN ONE media report quoting ANYONE saying anything remotely close to that is that it must be a gezera min hashamayim that everyone’s (at least those seemingly in ‘power’ in this world) minds have been sealed

  2. They are experienced and expert in bluffing, lying, and its cousin, exaggeration. As is the case with the exaggerated figures they have claimed for muslims in the USA.

    One cannot believe what they say. It is part of their propaganda war. Just like with the toeivah lobby. Misinformation is one of their weapons and another front for them.

  3. I was rather making a point about the statement in the pic. i live in israel. do you think i would leave my house if this is what I would see?


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