PA Says Ratification of Geneva Convention Makes Israel Liable for War Crimes; Israeli Officials: Entire Palestinian Leadership Should Be Indicted


hamas-fatah-mashal-abbasIsrael is liable for war crimes over the prisoner issue now that the Palestinian Authority has ratified the four Geneva Conventions, including the one relating to prisoners of war, PA officials charged on Thursday, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post by Khaled Abu Toameh and Tovah Lazaroff.

An Israeli official, however, said that it was the Palestinians who had now made themselves vulnerable by signing the Geneva Conventions.

“According to the Geneva Conventions, the entire Palestinian leadership should be immediately indicted for the thousands of rockets that have been fired from Palestinian territories into Israel in what is a double war crime,” the official said.
Palestinians “deliberately targeted innocent civilians, and they are using Gaza’s civilian population as a human shield….The Palestinians should be extremely careful if they think that international legality can be exploited as a tool against Israel.”

Public opinion in Israel has swung against any further releases as an incentive to the Palestinians to continue negotiations. Such calls grew stronger after a pre-Pesach attack on Monday in which a Palestinian terrorist killed Baruch Mizrachi, a father of five, while he was driving with his family in the West Bank.

Ambassador Alan Baker, a former legal adviser for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, disputed the claim that the Palestinians were prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions. The Palestinians are not fighting “an armed conflict….They were put in prison for terrorism and tried for terrorism.”



  1. Looks like the palestinians want their mommy and their father’s rope too. They are like a can of broken coins that wants to be spent on something better. Too bad that garbage does not sell. Never Again.

  2. Israel’s problem here is not the imprisonment of terrorists, it is the building of settlements, which violates the Fourth Geneva Convention. The US warned Israel about this way back in 1968 but Israel ignored the warning.

    I think bulldozing every settlement in exchange for the arrest and imprisonment of every Palestinian leader who has ever supported terrorism (which is most of them) would be a good trade-off.

  3. OK. Let’s start with. No more tax money going to the PA. Electricity. Water ,medical shipments to Gaza. Etc. Let’s see how they do after 24 he’s on their own


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