Germanwings Plane ‘Pulverized’ in Alps

Tuesday March 24, 2015 4:08 PM


As reported earlier here on Matzav, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed Tuesday morning in the French Alps, killing all 150 people aboard, according to the airline. “There is no need for any rescue operations, everyone is dead,” (more…)

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Dead Children Found in Detroit Mom’s Freezer

Tuesday March 24, 2015 3:46 PM


The bodies of a 14-year-old girl and her 10-year-old brother were discovered inside a freezer in a Detroit apartment this week, according to police. The children’s bodies had been inside the (more…)


Video: Rav Yisroel Reisman On “Making Sense of the Midwood Tragedy”

Tuesday March 24, 2015 3:10 PM



Israel Denies Spying on U.S. Negotiators in Iran Talks

Tuesday March 24, 2015 2:02 PM

netanyahuAfter the U.S. and other major powers entered negotiations last year to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, senior White House officials learned Israel was spying on the closed-door talks. The White House discovered the operation when U.S. intelligence agencies spying on (more…)

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Israel: West Is Heading for a “Bad Deal” with Iran

Tuesday March 24, 2015 1:35 PM

iran-khameneiIsrael said on Monday it was probable that world powers and Iran would agree to a “bad deal” on Tehran’s nuclear program. “We think it’s going to be a bad, insufficient deal,” said Strategic Affairs (more…)

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Echoes of Grief

Tuesday March 24, 2015 1:12 PM



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Community Fire Safety Event Tonight

Tuesday March 24, 2015 12:32 PM



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150 Killed in Plane Crash in Alps

Tuesday March 24, 2015 12:11 PM

german-wings-alpsGermanwings Flight 9525 crashed Tuesday morning in the French Alps, killing all 150 people aboard, according to the airline. The Airbus A320 carried 144 passengers (67 German nationals, as well as two (more…)

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Moment of Silence at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, in Memory of the Sassoon Children z”l

Tuesday March 24, 2015 11:46 AM
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Too Much Sleep Raises Mortality

Tuesday March 24, 2015 11:14 AM


Don’t sleep too little, or too much: Scientists who analyzed 16 sleep studies found that people who sleep more than eight hours a night as well as those who sleep fewer than six hours a night, have an increased (more…)


Councilman Greenfield’s Twelve Tips For Fire Safety

Tuesday March 24, 2015 11:06 AM

sassoon-fireAfter this past week’s tragedy, when seven innocent children were killed in a horrific fire, many people have called Councilman David Greenfield’s office asking about the best tips for fire prevention. Keep in mind, that while hot-plate fires are exceedingly rare (approximately one (more…)

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New York Times Lost in Yiddish Translation: ‘Yentas Are Busybodies, Not Matchmakers’

Tuesday March 24, 2015 10:18 AM


The New York Times issued a comical correction on Sunday over the misuse of the Yiddish word “yenta” in an article about a Jewish dating app. (more…)

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Former Top US Officials Say One-Year Not Enough Time to Stop Iran Nuclear Breakout

Tuesday March 24, 2015 9:11 AM

iran_negotiationsBy David Daoud

Former top US officials have said that one year would provide insufficient warning-time to detect an Iranian reversal on a nuclear agreement and take action against the violations. The assessment (more…)

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Residents of Israel’s South: We Hear Sounds of Digging Again

Tuesday March 24, 2015 8:16 AM

gaza-tunnelsBy David Daoud

Frustrated residents on Israel’s border with Gaza have reported hearing sounds of digging coming from under their houses, Israel’s Channel 2 said on Monday. According to the report, the locals are (more…)


Sweet: Israel Spied on Iran Talks to Sink Deal

Tuesday March 24, 2015 7:22 AM


Israel spied on private talks the U.S. held with Iran on nuclear weapons and gave information to members of Congress in order to gain support against the deal, the Wall Street Journal reported (more…)


Photos: At the Wedding of a Great-Grandson of Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman and a Granddaughter of Rav Chaim Kanievsky

Tuesday March 24, 2015 6:27 AM



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Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei Repeats “Death to America”

Tuesday March 24, 2015 5:09 AM

iran-supreme-leader-ayatollah-ali-khameneiThis past weekend, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the U.S. of using economic pressure and “bullying” to try to turn his countrymen against Islamic rule. (more…)

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Obama: “A Two-State Solution Is the Only Way” for Israel

Tuesday March 24, 2015 4:04 AM

obamaPresident Barack Obama said in an interview on Friday: “I had a chance to speak to Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday, congratulated his party on his victory. I did indicate to him that we continue to (more…)


The Guardian Appoints Anti-Israel Propagandist as Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday March 24, 2015 3:29 AM


On Friday the Guardian announced that Katharine Viner, deputy editor of the Guardian and editor-in-chief of Guardian US, was appointed as their new editor-in-chief. (more…)

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ISIS Steals Iraq State Employee Salaries

Tuesday March 24, 2015 2:20 AM

isis4Islamic State militants are siphoning millions of dollars each month from the Iraqi government by taking a portion of salaries paid to employees in ISIS-controlled areas such as Mosul, the Wall Street (more…)

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Album 2: At the Sassoon Levaya in Eretz Yisroel

Tuesday March 24, 2015 1:38 AM



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Hikind Warns Of Bogus Online Fundraisers For Sassoon Family

Tuesday March 24, 2015 1:08 AM

hikind1Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is warning everyone not to be fooled by scam artists pretending to raise money on behalf of the Sassoon family, which tragically lost seven children in a (more…)

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Today in History - 4 Nissan

Tuesday March 24, 2015 12:03 AM


Rav Yaakov Tzvi Mecklenberg, author of HaKesav Vehakabala (1785-1865). A talmid of Rav Akiva (more…)

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Kesubos 50: Inflation and Gift-Giving

Monday March 23, 2015 11:19 PM

gemara[Audio below.] Rabbi Mordechai Koster is presently a member of the kollel at Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, where he received (more…)

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Daf Inspired - Culling Gems of Inspiration from the Daf

Monday March 23, 2015 10:17 PM

yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Kesubos 50 - Go for the Gold

“Abundance and wealth is in his home, and his righteousness stands forever.” Both explanations that (more…)

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Israel’s Arab Minority Integrating Politically and Economically

Monday March 23, 2015 9:34 PM

arabs-israelBy Anav Silverman

Throughout late February and March, Israeli Apartheid Week took place across 200 cities around the world, from the UK and South Africa to Canada and the USA. Anti-Israel events have been held on (more…)

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Large Number of Poor Children Receive Free Food at Agudath Israel Camps

Monday March 23, 2015 8:50 PM


Amongst the hundreds of campers who will participate in this year’s camping program of Agudath Israel of America, a large number of children will receive free food as a result of the Federal Summer (more…)

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U.S. Boycotts U.N. Discussion On Alleged Israeli Violations In Disputed Territories

Monday March 23, 2015 8:14 PM

un-security-councilThe United States boycotted a discussion by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on alleged Israeli violations in the disputed Palestinian territories, signaling American support for Israel (more…)

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Egypt’s El-Sisi Reiterates Call For ‘Religious Revolution’ In Islam

Monday March 23, 2015 7:08 PM


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi reiterated his call for a “religious revolution” in Islam, in which values of tolerance should be promoted in the face of growing extremism. (more…)

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Bibi: Sorry for Insulting Arab-Israelis

Monday March 23, 2015 6:42 PM

netanyahu20 Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Monday apologized for election-day comments in which he warned that Israeli Arabs were putting his government “in danger” by coming out “en (more…)


Jewish Sites Attacked In U.K. And Hungary

Monday March 23, 2015 6:15 PM


As reported earlier, a group of assailants entered a shul in London on Sunday and attacked worshippers and property, with reports indicating that some attackers shouted, “Kill the Jews.” (more…)

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Reb Gavriel Sassoon: ‘We Cannot Understand The Master Plan’

Monday March 23, 2015 5:53 PM


The seven children of the Sassoon family who passed away over the weekend in a fire at their home in Brooklyn were laid to rest at Yerushalayim’s Har Hamenuchos on Monday. (more…)


Cruz: ‘Imagine’ Me as President

Monday March 23, 2015 5:19 PM

ted-cruz1Before a packed, excited auditorium at Virginia’s Liberty University, Sen. Ted Cruz announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Monday. (more…)

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Project Chai Event in Midwood to Address Sassoon Family Tragedy

Monday March 23, 2015 4:52 PM



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Israel-Hating Theater: No Holocaust Here

Monday March 23, 2015 4:03 PM


A theater in Australia turned down a Jewish group’s request to hold a series of performances about the Holocaust there because it says it opposes Israel. “Our policy does not support ­colonialism/Zionism,” (more…)

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Archaeologists Find Nazi ‘Lair’

Monday March 23, 2015 3:43 PM


Overgrown ruins near the Argentine border with Paraguay may be the remains of a secret Nazi lair, according to archaeologists who say they found Nazi insignia on the walls and “Made in Germany” (more…)

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Hillary’s Benghazi Emails Revealed

Monday March 23, 2015 2:46 PM


Those reviewing Hillary Clinton’s personal emails after the attack on an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, didn’t find any “stand down” order from the secretary of state, as had been (more…)


Reb Gavriel Sassoon, Klal Yisroel is with You

Monday March 23, 2015 2:10 PM




שבר על שבר הושברנו

Monday March 23, 2015 1:38 PM



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Michael Goodwin: Israel, Beware of Obama

Monday March 23, 2015 1:12 PM

obama10By Michael Goodwin

First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the (more…)


Photos: Rav Berel Povarsky Baking Matzos for Pesach 5775

Monday March 23, 2015 12:47 PM



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Photos: At the Sassoon Levaya in Eretz Yisroel

Monday March 23, 2015 11:45 AM