Pakistan Reportedly Planned To Bomb Israeli Consulate In India


consulatePakistani intelligence services planned to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli and U.S. consulates in India, the Times of India reported Sunday. The report, citing Indian intelligence sources, said Indian security agencies foiled the plot, and on April 29 arrested Sri Lankan Sakir Hussain.

Hussain reportedly told interrogators he had been hired by senior Pakistani officials in Colombo as part of a plot to bomb the Israeli consulate in Bangaluru and the U.S. consulate in Chennai.

Indian intelligence agents said they discovered pictures of the Israeli and U.S. consulates, including gates and roads leading to the grounds, which had been mailed to Hussain’s Pakistani handlers and the Pakistani High Commission in Colombo. Hussain told interrogators he had been hired to facilitate the travel of two men from the Maldives to Chennai, including arranging their flights and accommodation.

Pakistan reportedly sought Sri Lankan accomplices to establish deniability.




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