Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists, Says it Can’t Afford to Pay Employees


palestinian-delegation-at-the-united-nations-general-assemblyMa’an reported: For the third month in a row, the Palestinian Authority will pay its civil servants only 60 percent of their monthly wages, as a result of Israel withholding tax revenues.

Money woes have also caused problems with paying for fuel for Gaza’s power plant.

One sector of Palestinian Arab society doesn’t have to worry about their paychecks, though: terrorists and their families.

The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Finance announced on Saturday evening its intention to pay the families of martyrs and wounded 100% of their monthly stipends, despite the financial hardship experienced by the PA.

Finance Minister Shukri Bishara said in a press release that he agreed to give the full allowances to families of martyrs and wounded during the next two days.

This is the priority of the “peaceful” Palestinian Authority: paying the families of those who kill Jews is more important than paying their regular workers.

The Algemeiner Journal

{ Israel}



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