Palestinian Authority TV Game Show Features Denial of Israel’s Existence for $100 Prize


palestinian-game-show[Video below.] Denying Israel’s existence is now a lucrative proposition for Palestinian Arabs. Palestinian Media Watch reports that during the month of Ramadan, official Palestinian Authority TV has been entertaining its viewers with quiz questions. PA TV reporters have taken to the the street to query Palestinians, rewarding a correct answer with a $100 prize sponsored by the Bank of Palestine, and two mobile phone companies, Jawwal and Wataniya.

Some of the questions, which PA TV chose to ask and later broadcast, present a world without Israel by defining the Israeli cities of Jaffa, Safed, and Ashdod, as well as Mount Meron as “Palestinian.”

Here are some of the reporter’s questions as translated by PMW.

PA TV reporter: “On the beach of which Palestinian village did the whale spew out the prophet Jonah? Naturally, it’s a coastal city.”

Man: “Ashdod.” (Israeli city on the Mediterranean coast)

PA TV reporter: “Ashdod is the correct answer… You win $100 from [the sponsor] Jawwal.”

PA TV reporter: “Which city did [Palestinian writer] Mustafa Dabbagh call ‘The city that fell from Heaven?'”

Man: “In Palestine or outside of Palestine?”

PA TV reporter: “In Palestine.”

Man: “Maybe Jaffa?” (Israeli city, part of Tel Aviv)

PA TV reporter: “Correct answer. Jaffa. You win $100 from [the sponsor] Wataniya Mobile.”

PA TV reporter: “A lake in Northern Palestine drained by the Israeli occupation. What is the name of the lake?”

Man: “The Sea of Galilee?” (In north east Israel)

PA TV reporter: “Think.”

Man: “The Hula [Lake].” (The Hula Lake is in Northern Israel)

PA TV reporter: “You’ve earned $100 from the [sponsor] Bank of Palestine.”

PA TV reporter: “Name the Palestinian village in Northern Safed whose name means ‘beetle’ in the Syriac language, and whose residents are mostly Druze .”

PA TV reporter: “The correct answer is Hurfeish, the Palestinian village in Northern Safed whose name means ‘beetle’. Congratulations. You win $100 from [the sponsor] Jawwal.” (Hurfeish is a Druze village in Northern Israel.)

PA TV reporter: “What is the highest mountain in Palestine?”

Man: “Mt. Meron.” (Mt. Meron is in Northern Israel.)

Another question presented Israel’s eastern border from Eilat in the south to the Golan Heights in the north as “Palestine’s” border with Jordan, likewise ignoring the existence of Israel:

PA TV reporter: “[Which] country has the longest border with Palestine and what is [the border’s] length?”

Man: “The country is Jordan and [the border is] 586 [km.]”

PA TV reporter: “Congratulations. You win $100 from [the sponsor] Jawwal.” (“Palestine” in this measurement includes all of Israel from Eilat until the Golan Heights.)

Watch a video of the episode here.

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  1. I was quite horrified when I first read the title of this article and I thought it was “denial of the holocaust’s existence”. I would think that the palestinians could do worse huh?

  2. One can only loose by accepting one’s opponent’s premise and terminology. We should never get tired of repeating: name “Palestine” was made up by Roman occupiers, Arabs invaded most of the Middle east by sword and genocide, there never was “Palestinian” people – Arabs have nothing to do with long extinct biblical philistines, Jews are not “settlers” – the only settlers are the Arabs occupying the Jewish land.


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