Palestinian Boycott of Israeli Goods Faltering


palestiniansThe Palestinian boycott of goods made in Israel is faltering, both because of a lack of substitutes for Israeli products, and the dissipation of some of the anger over last summer’s fighting in Gaza.

“If the boycott of Israeli goods reached its peak during the war on Gaza, and was 80%, now it is no more than 20-30%,” Birzeit University professor Nasr Abdelkarim said.

Omar Salah, who runs Abu Rami Stores in the West Bank village of Abu Dis, says that when Salam Fayyad was the Palestinian prime minister, his government launched a campaign against “products from Israeli settlements only and not on all Israeli products manufactured inside Israel.”

That boycott has since been extended, at least unofficially, to all Israeli products, without differentiating where they were made.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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