Palestinian Minister Dies After Fighting With IDF Soldiers at Protest


ziad-abu-ein1Ziad Abu Ein, a Palestinian minister, has died after clashes with Israeli forces, reportedly due to inhaling large amounts of tear gas in the West Bank.

Abu Ein, who was the head of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Commission, died in Ramallah Hospital on Wednesday after inhaling the gas at a protest against the separation barrier near the village of Turmusayya, northeast of Ramallah.

Abu Ein was 55.

Abu Ein persistently fought with IDF soldiers, who had no choice but to respond to the wild Palestinian minister, which led to his death.

Some said he was headbutted and then collapsed.

Mahmoud Abbas, head terrorist of Fatah, said “all necessary steps” will be taken after an investigation into Abu Ein’s death is carried out. Abbas quickly condemned the death of Abu Ein calling it a “barbaric act which cannot be tolerated”.

Speaking shortly before his death, the minister told reporters why he was at the protest. “This is the army of the occupation and they are stopping Palestinians from acting on their rights. We came to our Palestinian land to plant trees and olive trees. They attacked us immediately without anyone throwing a stone or attacking them. This is a terrorist occupying army that stops Palestinians from enacting on their rights,” Abu Ein said.

Abu Ein, a father of four, previously held the position of deputy minister of prisoners’ affairs. As a former detainee himself, he was sentenced to life in prison by Israel in 1982 but was released in a prisoner swap in 1985.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Um, this “father of four” was a “detainee” because he murdered two people.
    Thank you tzahal for putting yourself on the front lines every day!


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