Palestinian Report: Israel To Release Fourth Group Of Prisoners Within 48 Hours


palestinian-prisonersPalestinian news site al-Quds is reporting that Israel will release the 4th tranche of 26 Palestinian terrorists by Tuesday evening without the Palestinians making additional concessions to Israel.

“It seems that the efforts paid off and there will be a release of the prisoners,” the unnamed source said to be familiar with the negotiating process told the Palestinian news site.

Earlier Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that haggling on the issue could go on for “a number of days.”

Speaking at a meeting of Likud ministers, Netanyahu said that Israel would not make a deal to free the prisoners “without a clear benefit for Israel in return.” He acknowledged that negotiations to come to an agreement could potentially “blow up.”

Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s chief negotiator, said that both sides are still negotiating the scale and composition of the prisoner release, though he added that the Palestinians did not see any linkage between the release and the continuation of the negotiations.

Nonetheless, Palestinian sources in Ramallah told Israel Radio that there would be no discussion of future negotiations without the fourth installment of the prisoner release, which should include Israeli Arabs. The Israeli government has so far refused to consider freeing Israeli citizens convicted of terrorist acts.

On Shabbos, the United States charged Israel with violating the terms of the original agreement reached between Israel and the Palestinians at the start of talks nine months ago regarding terrorist releases.


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  1. Israel is not a tad pole for the desires of the rich. There is too much concession against human development in higher reaches of human trust today that the values of Jewish Interest are lost to changes in the forthright excuse of limited understanding for the Jewish Voice of Torah and values of human suffering’s simple reasoning of lost touch and lost value.

    Ultimately, as Jews, we must continue our mission to conditionally grand friendship to the world in that the world can be a friend of the Torah Home against only the honor of the suffering of the defeatist point of view.

    Why is this relevant?

    Because when Jews give concessions to terror’s place in the world, jews do not fix their own future by the values of Jewish Society but rather we concede our homes are less relevant than the sufferings of the minor complaint of a narrow minded society. We apparently have to leave our homes to be in the favor of the rest of the world for their own edification sometimes, but what we have to gain is our independence from the wicked and undesirable.

    If we continue to concede to the demands of the world, Israel might be limited in its true growth. But of course, we have an obligation to Jewish Law to be concerned with the stranger.

    Tough crisis.

  2. Horrible & shameful.
    Now the U.S. must give Abbas money for their heros welcome and life-long monthly stipend.
    They ought win a Nobel.

  3. Israel will be keeping tabs on these fellows and probably re-catch them on some new charges soon Rachmana litzlan, hopefully before these murderers strike again.


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