Palestinians: Clip Of Fleeing Soldiers Is A Moral Victory


arab-rocks[Video below.] A video showing IDF soldiers fleeing a stone-throwing mob in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum has gotten much attention in the media in recent days, but the Palestinian residents don’t seek to fan the flames.

“We aren’t talking about some kind of big victory for us here. We are against this label,” said Murad Shtiwi, a resident of Kafr Qaddum who witnessed the incident. “This is nothing more than a moral victory.

“What were we victorious over, exactly?” he pondered. “We are up against an army that can kill us. We don’t have the ability or the strength to confront the Israeli army.”

The video shows Palestinians stoning Israeli security forces during a protest on Friday and eventually forcing them to run for cover.

Shtiwi explained that all the protesters tried to do was to foil an attempt by the soldiers to entrap them.

“The army tried to outflank the march by staging an ambush between the residents’ homes, meaning to arrest as many young protesters as possible,” he said. “The marchers were trying to protect those in danger of being arrested and that is exactly what is seen in the video.”

Shtiwi asserted that one side always has the upper hand during these processions.

“Today, the young Palestinians were successful in throwing stones at the soldiers and managed to drive them away,” he said. “Last April, the army threw a gas grenade in the Palestinian protesters’ direction and hit one of them in the head, causing severe injuries. These things must be looked upon in a balanced manner.”

This incident received much coverage in the Palestinian media and went viral in the social networks.

A Palestinian journalist who regularly covers the weekly demonstrations in the West Bank told Ynet that the Palestinian news outlets tried to emphasize the incident and pass it off as a national victory. “This incident is a shot in the arm for the Palestinians and that is how it was presented and projected in the Palestinian media.”

He added that the public responded accordingly. “It made people happy and they supported what happened in light of the army’s weekly activities against the protesters,” he said.

The reporter postulated that the incident is likely to encourage Palestinians to hold larger protests in places where they already occur regularly like Bil’in and Na’alin, and to prompt other villages to join in.

This is not the first time that Kafr Qaddum has made headlines in the framework of the weekly protests that take place there. In March 2012, a residents was bitten by an Israel Defense Forces’ Oketz canine unit dog.
The Palestinians claimed that the dog was released and randomly attacked a Palestinian while the IDF claimed that the protester tried to attack troops and was bitten while doing so.

In August of the same year, soldiers attacked journalists covering the protest with a truncheon for no apparent reason. The IDF said at the time that the incident was an unusual one and that it will be investigated.

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. The readers of Matzav should apply some pressure by leaving comments here and everywhere they could demanding the change of this crazy operational protocols. Stones are a weapon and soldiers should be not only allowed by required to return life fire at the rioters who pelt them with stones.
    This nonsense of disproportionate response should be abolished from the army. If the enemy throws a stone at you they want to kill you, and if they would have had guns they would have shoot at you without thinking twice. Thus, it is your duty to kill the enemy first before he kills you, especially when HaShem Yisboarah sent you good weapons, you should use it.

  2. this is crazy, the Israeli soldiers have huge guns over their shoulders, and they have their fingers on the trigger when checking buses full of Jews, at such a time why couldn’t they use their guns, if they couldn’t shoot directly at the rock throwers, then right above their head.

  3. What Obama would say and what the Arab Emirates would say and what the world would say does not matter. They will not say anything good anyways, and to look for their pity is pretty useless enterprise.
    What matters, is what the Jews would do about it. If this video made by the enemies would result into a change of army engagement protocols, which are right now crazy and endanger our soldiers, then this video would serve the good. If nothing would change, which is unfortunately the most likely outcome, then this video would remove the last morsels of fear that our enemies still have, and this is bad.
    Too bad, there were no videos like that from the last Lebanon war and the last two Gaza wars. They should have taken the video of Israel bombing them with flyers and then bombing empty places and empty buildings with the most expensive ordinance, and then claiming that there is no military solution. May be such a video would have changed these crazy practices also. Of cause there is no military solution when you bomb empty places with flyers. The scariest thing is, that this policy of avoiding so call civilian deaths is so deeply engraved into Israeli military, that if Has Ve Sholom there will be a bigger and more intensive conflict, they would still be bombing with flyers and shooting at empty places, hopping that tan Arab would trip in the whole left by the bomb in an empty place, as they did in the last Lebanon war. Only Fryers bomb with Flyers.


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