Palestinians Condemned for Visiting Nazi Death Camps


auschwitzSome 30 Palestinian students from Al-Quds University and Bir Zeit University in the West Bank arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau last week to learn about the Holocaust. The visit was led by Mohammed Dajani, professor of American Studies at Al-Quds University, who also heads the Wasatia movement of moderate Islam.

The university has been criticized for promoting “normalization” with Israel. “I don’t understand how the [Palestinian] students accept normalization [with Israel],” wrote a Palestinian journalist from Ramallah on his Facebook page. “This professor is the king of kings of normalization.”

The Palestinian daily Al-Quds, which reported the visit, deleted some reader responses that accused the professor of treason and collaboration. Hamas has said that teaching the Holocaust was a “crime against Palestinians.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This shows what we face in trying to make peace. There are lots of Palestinian Arabs like Dajani. But they have no political power and get demonized by the people with power and guns whenever they speak or act.

  2. You can smile and you can frown, but you can never smile and frown at the same time in your highlight of hate. The nice palestinians are like chipmunks that want to bury their acorns in their own black hole of lost remembrance. And the society of their future is not much better than the dirt of their past.

    Never Again.


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