Palestinians Haven’t Taken Showers in Weeks


palestinian-gazaFeriel al-Zaaneen hasn’t had a shower in more than a month. Like thousands of Palestinians, she claims she doesn’t have enough water to wash, adding to the self-inflicted “miseries” of life in Gaza thanks to local terrorists who have shot thousands of rockets at Israel.

In searing summer heat, where temperatures can reach 93 Fahrenheit, Feriel is one of more than 218,000 refugees sheltering in 87 UN-run schools.

“There’s no water here and the toilets are very dirty; this is no kind of life,” she said.

She says she faces a daily struggle to get water, a precious resource in the enclave.

The UN says that 365,000 Palestinians are still displaced in Gaza, like 37-year-old Faten al-Masri, who has to wash her children with bottles of drinking water.

“There is no water in the bathrooms, and they were so dirty that we couldn’t even go inside,” she said.

“I have been bathing my sons every three days here in the classroom with bottles of water.”

“Some people use water bottles inside the class, but I can’t bring myself to do it. It would feel like I was taking a shower in the street if I did that. Anyone could open the door and come in, there’s no privacy,” she said.

“I feel really bad. Not being able to shower makes me feel restricted and anxious,” she said.

Maybe she should find out why her comrades from Hamas have used millions of dollars to dig tunnels instead of providing basics, like water.

Muntaha al-Kafarna, a mother of nine who has been living in a small tent she set up in the courtyard of the same school, near the toilets, managed to shower at a nearby hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

“The water was cold, and there wasn’t very much of it, but I didn’t have any other solution,” she said.

“People are fighting here in the school to use the toilets, my sons wet themselves before their turn comes,” she said.

She points to her children, stood around her. She bends down and inspects the fair hair of her one-year-old son, picking out a louse.

“My sons have caught lice and nits because they can’t shower here,” she said.

“I wish a missile would hit us, me and my children. Dying is better than this life,” she said in despair.

Maybe she should find out why her friends from Hamas have used millions of dollars to dig tunnels instead of providing basics, like water. She may want to ask Hamas why it cares more about inflicting damage on the Jewish state than it does about providing services to Gazans.

{ Israel}


  1. “Maybe she should find out etc.”
    Better not to find out.
    That might get her killed as a collaborator.

  2. Puh-lease.
    As if her kids don’t have lice as it is.
    Lice is a daily fact of life in the Middle East, including EY. Nothing to do with the shelter, sorry.

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