Palestinians Refuse Israeli Humanitarian Aid


magen-dovid-adomIsrael’s Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency services organization on Monday offered to transfer blood units and donations to the Gaza Strip, but the humanitarian gesture was rejected by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

According to MDA Director Eli Bin, the organization then offered to assist the PA by facilitating blood drives involving Palestinian or Israeli Arab donors, but that offer was also rejected.

Bin described Israel’s attempt help Palestinian medical facilities as “a humanitarian gesture.”

“I believe in it-this brings us respect as human beings,” he said.


{ Israel}


  1. Are we mad?!? Supplying our enemies with anything will just empower them against us! Thank goodness they rejected our help!

  2. Stop trying to impress the world. The world hates Jews. Get that straight. Stop risking your own lives to help these animals. Once and for all, get rid of them.
    We are impressed only with your stupidity.

  3. Hamas is solely interested in (made-up)casualty statistics, not humanitarian aid.

    Meanwhile, from deep in their underground tunnels, their cowardly leadership barks orders for their human shields to offer themselves up as martyrs by staying put in their “domiciles”.

    Sick, sick, culture….


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