Palestinians Trading Blood


ahmed-al-jarallah-editor-in-chief-the-arab-timesBy Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

After about 10 days of Israeli attacks on Gaza which caused the death and injuries of nearly 1,800 Palestinians while thousands of houses were destroyed, Hamas continues to trade in the blood of the innocent people in Gaza and it has rejected calls for ceasefire.

Apparently, the stand taken by this movement and some other groups, which claim to be ‘resistance’ workers, is aimed at achieving Israel’s goal to diminish the Palestinian cause. They want to transform the cause into a post office box for territorial messages towards settlement in the Middle East.

Was Hamas, which brought blockade on Gaza Strip in the past seven years, able to achieve any of the so-called national goals? Did it reconstruct the demolished houses, or the fact remains that the area of destruction is expanding due to the daily Israeli attacks on the strip in response to the launching of some locally-made missiles which have been unable to let the Israelis manage 10 percent of the losses incurred by the Palestinians?

Until when will Palestine remain abandoned to its fate while paying for policies of many other countries, especially Iran that claims to be leading what they termed as ‘pivot of resistance’? Iran has never engaged the ‘big devil’ (America) or ‘small devil’ (Israel) in any war as it only used the Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians to fight against them. At the same time, the Iranian officials have been meeting their US counterparts in various capitals across the world where they strike deals with Arab blood.

When the Palestinian national reconciliation government was announced, everybody heaved a sigh of relief believing that the time to come out of the restriction tunnel in Gaza was in sight and the repressive acts of Israel in the West Bank was going to end. Although Tel Aviv and Netanyahu have threatened to destroy it, the Palestinian unity has formed a strong fortress to challenge the threats.
The bitter experience of the past seven years could have led the Hamas leaders to the right direction. However, frivolities upon which those people have embarked on resulted in the failure of reconciliatory stakes. This is happening due to the conscious efforts to actualize Israeli objectives, which put a big question mark on their political and military attitudes. This implies they are the fifth column between the Israelis and Palestinians.

It is unfortunate that since 1948, some Palestinians have been causing more losses at the expense of their cause. In the last decades, these Palestinians have been refusing any solution put on the table as they seek different means to strike against the unity of Arabs towards their miseries.
This has been happening, sometimes under the pretext of ‘the front force opposed to peaceful solution’, at other times under the pretext of ‘resistance and defiance’, or the ‘opposition front inside liberation organization’, and today it is under the pretext of ‘the resistant and dissident front’.
Do they think they will be able to defeat Israel – call it occupier, controlling regime or whatever – with their primitive weapons? Whether we like it or not, Israel is there. No solution will go through without Israel being part of it.

Therefore, it is up to the Palestinians to get rid of their illusions and sincerely try to contemplate the benefits brought forth by Egypt’s initiative, instead of waiting for instructions from Khaled Al-Mish’al who is residing in Qatar where he enjoys all kinds of good meals and engages in all types of sports activities in a bid to reduce his weight and his potbelly, while scores of children are being killed in Gaza.

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  1. well finally someone is telling it like it is. if hamas cared at all for the people in gaza, hey would spend their money on hospitals (instead of sending their critically sick to Israeli hospitals) and schools. they have done everything in their power to ruin the lives of the people living there and have succeeded in convincing their people that hamas has their best interests at heart. how is it that the whole world is falling for their rhetoric?

  2. Gaza is like the edge of the sudden death of their own fate. We need a Free Gaza. Give it back to the Kingdom of David and let the sharks called palestinians go back and repopulate Syria.


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