Parnassah Expo Dinner to Feature Stunning Panorama


parnassah-expo-dinnerWhile memories of February’s historic Parnassah Expo at the Meadowlands Exposition Center still linger in the minds of its many thousands of attendees – and success stories mount – the Parnassah Network is gearing up for another monumental event – in its home community of Lakewood.

On Wednesday, June 26th, a dinner as multifaceted as it is exciting will be hosted in Lakewood. The action packed program will intrigue any guest, and individuals and businesses seeking to advance in their parnassah will have an immediate venue to help them progress.

In light of the success of the major Parnassah Expo, Parnassah Network is kicking off this event with some Expo hallmarks – seminars, booths and structured networking – at 5:00 pm. Businessmen and professionals – and those at the aspiring stage – will have a great opportunity to meet and greet valuable contacts and resources. At 7:30, this segment will lead into a lavish dinner that more than lives up to Parnassah Network’s originality and uniqueness.

A selection of Lakewood’s finest caterers and restaurants will join at the dinner and display their maximum culinary talents, with a vast smorgasbord-style dinner that is sure to delight all. The dinner will offer the Lakewood community the opportunity to remain informed about – and lend support to – Parnassah Network’s growing number of services. A special dedication for Kollel Learn and Network will be made l’iluy nishma Reb Mordechai Yosef Knopf z”l, a Founder of Shuvu and a askan in other great causes, and grandfather of Parnassah Expo founder Reb Duvi Honig. The event will also serve as the official launch of next year’s mammoth Parnassah Expo, which will be a two day event in an expo center more than twice the capacity of this year’s Expo.

Noted entrepreneur and askan Mr. Chesky Kauftheil, as well Lakewood Township purchaser Mr. Yehuda Abraham, will be honored. Prime Insurance Agency CEO R Shalom Ilowitz and His Father R Shaya, whom are running a company that lives up to Parnassah Network’s vision of offering our community Parnassah opportunities, will be recognized. World renowned attorney and lecturer Mr. Charlie Harary, who featured prominently at the Parnassah Expo, and others high profile personalities, will attend and address the event. Wrapping up the dinner will be a delicious Viennese smorgasbord with the full gamut of masterful desserts.

Askanim with the Parnassah Network organization are working on a variety of exciting projects under its auspices. In addition to the 2014 Parnassah Expo, every existing Parnassah Network branch is more active than ever, including the Learn and Network Kollel,, the jobs board with scores of new postings each week, vocational courses for men and women, and venture capital services.

“Parnassah Network is in essence multiple thriving organizations under one umbrella,” says Rabbi Honig. “This is an opportunity for the community to become partners in all that we do for the klal.”

For more information or to reserve a booth at the Dinner Panorama, please email or call 732-987-7704 ext. 723.

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