Parnassah Expo Virtually Sold Out


parnassah-expoYes, you read correctly. Interest in the upcoming February 12th Parnassah Expo at the Meadowlands Exposition Center has reached the point where precious little of the 60,000 plus square foot expo floor is still available. Director Reb Duvi Honig relates that ┬áseveral select new booth reservations, especially for those looking to hire, can still be accommodated – but no more.

Over the past months, reservations for booths have been made from companies of all sizes across North America. The expo will feature sections dedicated to general business services and practically every industry under the sun, in addition to sections for a job fair, academic programs, social services and seminars. Prestigious experts in every field will be available to consult with, and will host seminars and Q & A sessions. A diverse group of attendees will flock from across the continent, with mass transportation from major New York/New Jersey communities.

The opportunity to network with potential associates, clients and employers promises to open broad new horizons for each attendee, b’ezras Hashem. Final floor space will be booked at a first come-first serve basis. “I’d advise people to call before they even get to finish reading this article,” Reb Duvi quips.

For more information, call 732-987-7704, email or visit To receive Expo updates via text message, please text “Parnassah” to 21800.

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  1. Kol Hakavod to R’ Duvi and all those involved in planning this wonderful event. Can’t imagine all the well deserved zechusim they’ll be getting!


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