Parnassah Expo’s Opens Reservations for Career and Educational Resources


parnassah-expoThe challenges in the U.S. job market due to the current economic conditions are no secret. Yet, what is perhaps lesser known – but far more important – is that there are a significant amount of quality job positions available. The task is just to find the appropriate venue where they can be paired up with those most suitable to fill them.

Parnassah Network Founder and Director Reb Duvi Honig says that networking capability is what has enabled the organization – through the previous Parnassah Expos, its online job board, and other resources – to help countless individuals embark on successful careers and support their families.

As the calendar approaches March 25th and 26th – when the grand 2014 Parnassah Expo will be held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center – Parnassah Expo organizers have announced that reservations are now open for exhibitors at the expo’s 25,000 square foot career and education section, which offers the perfect platform for those who can help Orthodox men and women advance in their career dreams. “Whether you own a business and are looking to hire, run an educational or career related entity, or are a community activist, now is the time to step up to the plate,” Reb Duvi says. “The more individuals and entities that join, the more successful this mission will be.”

The section is tailored for academic and vocational resources, career coaching and headhunting, and a cross section of companies collecting resume’s to fill positions at all levels. Just as the main business-to-business networking section promises to do for our community’s business owners, the career and education section is open to serve as a single address where our community’s most effective resources and coveted job positions can network with a vast, diverse audience.

This section will not only offer exhibition space for prominent businesses looking to fill major positions. Smaller entities, or those looking to fill even a single position, will have a choice of resources in this section to network with those they are looking for – custom tailored to their needs. “You’d be hard pressed to find such a large group of talented and motivated individuals under one roof – anywhere – as will iy”H be at the expo,” Reb Duvi Honig states.

The Touro College and University System, which operates 33 successful independent higher education institutions, will be the section’s sponsor and leading exhibitor. Rabbi Moshe Krupka, Touro’s Executive Vice President, sees the expo as the perfect venue to showcase the institution’s myriad opportunities. “The expo is an opportunity to strengthen our communities and give bnei and bnos Yisroel suitable opportunities to provide for their families with dignity,” he says. “Touro serves many different communities, but this goal is at the core of why it was created.”

For more information about exhibiting your company, institution or job openings at Parnassah Expo, please visit, email or call 855-PAR-EXPO.

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