Parole Board to Consider Case of Wendy Runge

10 has received an update on Wendy Runge’s status from her family.

The Department of Corrections has recommended that Wendy be considered for parole. The Parole Board will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6. Her name along with many others will be up for consideration.

“We need much rachamei Shomayim,” a close family member told “Please add an extra kappitel of Tehillim, do an extra act of chessed b’simchah, and have in mind Zeva Rochel bas Chaya this evening and tomorrow. And may we hear besuros tovos and that all of our shivuyim be returned to their families.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. May Heaven grant that the Parole Board allow a mother to return to her children. She is a non-violent first-time offender and every consideration will hopefully be granted.

  2. if you have something wrong with matzav then dont use it i happen to think thee video was great however i think if someone has an issue with matzav just don’t use it simple solution


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