Pashkevillin: Internet Same Gematriah As Cancer


internet-smallNew pashkevillin posted around Yerushalayim state that the internet and the word sartan (cancer) have the same gematriah. Internet and cancer both have the numerical value of 319. The signs say that the corresponding numerical value is not by chance, but is from Hashem. “With 160,000 cancer patients in Israel,” state the pashkevillin, “how is it that you are not afraid?”

It is not confirmed if there are indeed 160,000 cancer patients in Israel or where that figure may have come from.

It has been pointed out that a number of other words, such as “boker tov” (good morning) and “shgiah” (mistake) also equal 319…

internet{Yair Newscenter}


  1. Internet in Ivrit is usually spelt with a ‘yud’ after the aleph, proving that those who have Internet have the Asseres Hadibros permanently in front of them to protect them from the other 319.

    Sounds crazy, its no more crazy than the patshkevillim!

  2. These Pashkevillin sign makers are the CUTEST ever, so creative, fast working and full of innovation. The best marketing guys out there without college degrees.

  3. You gotta be kidding me. These math wizards need to find something better to do with their time. Who pays for these posters?

  4. i think internet should be spelled with a tuf. how do you know you are spelling this correctly being that its an english word you can spell it however you want in hebrew

  5. These Kanoim don’t really care about Klal Yisrael. The Internet is something that has both good and bad uses. As a Tzibur we trust that the Chinuch we have each been raised with will help us make the proper choice. Who do the think they are telling other people what to do especially when it in no way affects them. If they don’t want to use the Internet they don’t have to. On the other hand cigarette smoke is something that has been proven to cause cancer. I would gather of the cancer victims in Israel more of them most probably were smokers than Internet users. We are the Pashkvilim about smoking. Almost every respecatble posek has come out that smoking is Assur in actual written Teshuvos, not through hearsay of so called Askanim that said that is what they said. Cigarette smoke is something which kills the smoker but it also kills those around him. In current Israeli society both Charedi and Chiloni people smoke wherever they feel like with complete disregard for every one around them. If these Kanoim really cared about Klal Yisrael and what are Gedolim truly say they would be fighting against things like smoking and not the Internet.

  6. To MIKE,
    You are right that in today’s world you need the internet as a tool to doing business etc,
    But regarding the smoking issue and the internet problem, do you know that GODEL HAMACTIE YOSER MIN HOHORGAI ?

  7. But should we really be calling it ‘internet’ at all? There should be a real Ivrit term for it ‘reshet kesher’ or something like that. Eliezer Ben Yehuda would never approve.

  8. When I first saw these signs in Yerushalayim, two things hit me:

    1) “Internet” in Hebrew is really spelled with a yud. Removing letters to make your gematria fit is cheating. Plain and simple. Big deal, I can do that too. With enough creativity, “Meah She’arim” can probably made to equal “Tzionim Gedolim” or something.

    2) Listen up, you dumb “chareidi” sign-hangers. Pull that cigarette out of your mouth for a second, I got something to tell you: 160,000 people don’t have cancer (lung or otherwise) from using the Internet; THEY HAVE IT FROM SMOKING TWO PACKS A DAY!!!! STOP BEING SO CARELESS WITH YOUR %#^* LIVES AND THEN BLAMING IT ON US TECHNOLOGY LOVERS!!!


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