Peggy Noonan: Obamacare a ‘Huge, Historic Mess’


obamacareObamacare has been nothing but a “huge, historic mess” that is unique in the annals of lawmaking and administration, says The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan.

“The leaders of our government have not felt, throughout the process, that they had any responsibility to be honest and forthcoming about the major aspects of the program, from its exact nature to its exact cost,” writes Noonan.

“We are not being told the cost of anything – all those ads, all the consultants and computer work, even the cost of the essential program itself.”

One large problem, said Noonan, was that Democrats pushed to pass the bill without knowing what was in it and without bothering to understand its implications.

The bill’s biggest proponent, California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, was Democratic House speaker, when she said “that we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” That was a “historic admission” that she was fighting for something she didn’t understand, said Noonan. “This is how we make laws now.”

But while Republicans were alarmed, Democrats for the next three years were inspired and “would carry on like blithering idiots making believe they’d read the bill and understood its implications,” wrote Noonan.

The White House, meanwhile, “lied in a way so specific it showed they knew exactly what to spin and how,” Noonan said, including President Barack Obama’s promises that Americans could keep their healthcare plans and doctors.

However, that wasn’t true, as “your existing policy had to pass muster with the administration, which would fight to the death to ensure that 60-year-old women have pediatric dental coverage,” said Noonan.

But the bill has not insured tens of millions of uninsured Americans, as promised, but it “has terrorized millions who did have insurance and lost it, or who still have insurance and may lose it,” she said.

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  1. “has terrorized millions who did have insurance and lost it, or who still have insurance and may lose it,” she said.

    It has NOT terrorized anyone. I’m actually really happy with my new insurance. This woman does not sound knowledgeable at all.

  2. “This woman does not sound knowledgeable at all.”

    She actually is pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things; she is just a lying propagandist from the Right. Ten million Americans have health insurance as the result of the law, and many more have better policies. The Republican alternative is to cancel their policies and let those with pre-existing medical conditions die from them. Furthermore, the rate of increase in health care costs has slowed substantially. Basically, Obamacare is a success and the Republicans are getting desperate.

  3. sephardicpride- good luck finding a Doctor or Hospital. Your happy with your insurance. It like driving a new car….You don’t know if it’s going to be a lemon for a bit…They also didn’t get enough yung people. Get ready for a big rate hike next year..big


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