Peleg Demonstrators Sue Riot Police Over Use Of ‘Skunk’ Spray


Peleg Yerushalyim is preparing to file a lawsuit against police over its recent use of a foul-smelling spray to disperse crowds.

Earlier this week, hundreds of members of Peleg Yerushalyim blocked roads in Yerushalyim and Bnei Brak to protest the arrest of bochurim who refused to sign forms at the lishkas hagiyus. Police dispersed the protesters with the assistance of the ‘Skunk’, a stink bomb that smells of sewers and is used for crowd control.

However, instead of the usual method of spraying the disgusting juice from a truck, police officers dressed in protective gear waded into the demonstration and targeted individual protesters with a device resembling a fire extinguisher.

According to the lawsuit, this new policy violates the law, contending that the guidelines regulating the ‘Skunk’ only permits cops to utilize it to disperse violent rioters and not as a collective law enforcement mechanism.

“If we filed lawsuits like this when they used the truck-mounted spray, the police could have claimed that it was not deliberately targeting people,” another activist said. “When they started using the small sprayers, there is no room for error and if a policeman was documented spraying the face of a demonstrator, it is important to sue.”

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  1. Since Chareidim are the real enemies of the Israeli government – much worse than Arab terrorists (just ask the Begatz) – how else can they overpower them?

    • And you’re not affected by the daily roadblocks of the invalids, hypocrite? It’s only G-d fearing Jews that bother you, huh? Shame on you and shame on the other posters who care more about being PC than about Hashem.

    • We all know that the Litvishe from Yerushalayim’s protests are clearly a Kiddush Hashem Berabim. (Proof to this is that ONLY their bachurim are not forced to join the army and are never incarcerated for more than 24 hours.) If they move, who will fight for kavod Shamayim?

  2. Farshtunkeneh Peleg.

    If they go into the street, they get farshtunken.

    If they want to stay pure, let them stay out of the street.

  3. Suggestion to the Israel Police: The next time that these phony “Torah-Jews” block traffic and disturb the peace, don’t use “Skunk Water”.

    Fire real bullets, and see how fast they run away.

  4. Why’s everybody whipping themselves into a frenzy – living here in the US – on both sides of the fence? Our Gedolim have always maintained that the best one can do for one’s own good is not keep one’s mouth shut (and keyboards silent) when it comes to anything related to machlokes in Eretz Hakodesh.

  5. It’s yaharog v’al ya’avor and if your not a phoney Ben Torah you should be ther too and how cud side with the eruv rav and Amaleik by giving them aitzos they’re the whole problem here disturbing us not the other way around Oil!!! May you be zoiche to see the light!


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