Pelosi: Border Breach Is ‘Opportunity’ To Serve ‘God’s Children’


illegalsHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi argued that the tens of thousands of illegal children pouring across the border into America should be regarded as an “opportunity,” not a “crisis,” because they’re all God’s children.

“This crisis that some call a crisis, we have to view as an opportunity,” Mrs. Pelosi said, Fox News reported. “If you believe as we do that every child, every person has a spark of divinity in them, and is therefore worthy of respect – what we saw in those [holding] rooms was a dazzling, sparkling array of God’s children, worthy of respect.”

She made the comments over the weekend, at a time when Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate was assigned as the point person to coordinate the U.S. response – and as President Obama announced plans to ask Congress for more than $2 billion to help with the border surge, Fox News reported.

The California Democrat did admit that the pour of unaccompanied youth across the border “does have crisis qualities,” she said, Fox News reported. But at the same time, the situation is simply an “opportunity to show who we are as Americans, that we do respect people for their dignity and worth.”

An estimated 60,000 to 90,000 illegal children are expected to illegally enter the United States before the end of this year. Reports have surfaced in recent days that some of these children are carrying communicable diseases, including scabies and swine flu.

Read more at The Washington Times.

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  1. the first people who will suffer from their being here are the current recipients of federal aid. They will take the money and jobs of those now classified as minorities and then everyone will suffer.

    Be kind, give each kid a meal from mcDonalds and a greyhound bus ticket back to Mommy and Daddy.

  2. Spare us the sob story, will you Nanny? We are ALL G-d’s children.

    If she really did care about G-d’s children, then why does she not express concern about the coyotes abandoning the small children they try to smuggle through the desert to be left to die? And dozens do die in the heat.

    These border crossings are brutal places. Bandits frequently prey on victims’ worldly possessions. The area is fraught with all kinds of danger.

    Please Nanny Pelosi, no more of your pompous expressions about this issue.

  3. nose gets longer
    obama does not care
    it is the end of america as we know it
    socialism at its best
    free handouts for no work, no pay
    socialism is great till other peoples money run out
    americas respect in the world is 0 – ukraine, syria, egypt, iraq, iran,

    The latest figures include 23% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 40% who Strongly Disapprove.

    time to check out NBN

    what do you think


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