Pentagon: Snowden Damage ‘Staggering’


snowden1According to a partially declassified report from the Defense Intelligence Agency, the scope of the damage caused by Edward Snowden’s leaks is “staggering.”

The declassified parts of the 39-page report, which was prepared in December, does not offer any specifics as to how this conclusion was reached.

The report focused solely on non-National Security Agency defense materials. It also did not mention Snowden by name in its title, as the report was called “DoD Information Review Task Force-2: Initial Assessment, Impacts Resulting from the Compromise of Classified Material by a Former NSA Contractor.” Read more at The Guardian.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “Snowden is the worst traitor in US history.”

    Yet Americahaters from both the Left and the Right continue to praise him. 🙁


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