Pentagon ‘Worried’ About Iran Deal


PENTAGONNews of the nuclear deal that will lift an arms embargo on Iran was met with tepid optimism from military officials, many of whom lost soldiers to Iranian weapons during the war in Iraq, Nancy A. Youssef reports for the Daily Beast.

“Of course we are worried, but we believe a nuclear-armed Iran is a greater worry,” one defense official explained.

Just last week, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified on Capitol Hill that “under no circumstances should we relieve pressure on Iran relative to ballistic missile capabilities and arms-trafficking.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. King Obambi said it’s a-okay! Relax you stupid Pentagon people: what do you know?? President Hussein knows better what’s best for the Iranian people!
    Cuba is a good nation!
    Iran is a good nation!
    Venezuela is a good nation!
    Israel is a threat to world peace!

  2. Lord Chaimberlain ym”s also made a deal with the devil, and tried to sell it to the world as a triumph.
    History tells a different story.
    Osama and Kerry are doing the same. Clinton agrees with them.
    Hashem Yerachem.
    Let’s hope the Senate has more “seichel” and kills it.
    And the RBS”O should save us from Clinton


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