Peres: Don’t Say Kaddish On Peace Talks


peresIsraeli President Shimon Peres refuses to give up hope on peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), stating in an interview today that Israel should “do everything possible” to continue negotiations, Arutz 7 reports.

“There are still budding hopes [for talks],” Peres  said in an interview with IDF Radio. “We should encourage [negotiations] and work hard for them [to continue].”

“You should not say kaddish over the talks,” Peres averred. “We should do everything possible to continue negotiations.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. We will never say Kadish on it. We don’t want it and we don’t miss it. They want to see us swimming in the Mediterranean water! Nothing shorter! Go home already Mr. Herres! Enough with you and your unrealistic nightmares.

  2. I would be more inclined to say “the Hamotze” when the limited values of the palestinians continue to fail in their lost endeavors of human inconsideration and violence.

    Hamotze Lechem Meen Haaretz.

    Pass the Sugar.


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