Peres: Obama Has Done a Lot for Israel, He Says Things That Make Sense


obama-peresIsraeli President Shimon Peres, fresh off his final visit to Washington as Israel’s president, told Channel 10 News today that President Barack Obama has done a lot for Israel.

Arutz Sheva quoted some of the comments Peres made:

“What has he not done for Israel that we asked them to do?” Peres said. “He vetoed UN condemnations of Israel, did things that I do not know that anyone else would have done.”

“All the people in the defense establishment say that, in terms of security, there has never been such a relationship between Israel and the United States,” he continued.

“Obama has never said a word to condemn us, so on what basis are people talking? I look at the results, he says things that make sense,” Peres added.

“Obama reveals rigor and consistency in his attitude toward the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” concluded the President. “And that’s despite the fact that, unlike previous presidents, he had no background of working with Jews. It serves no purpose to delve into personal matters that in the end will amount to gossip.”



  1. Peres has succumbed to his dementia. Please stop reporting everything the old fool drivels out of his mouth.

  2. Early morning races are usually blinded by the sunlight in the heavens. Mr. Peres is treasured. His reasoning however is friendly but without the fence of Torah in his gravity. We will not consider lamp posts for austerity (Obama’s creed) to be guidelights of conditioned trust. Keep working at it.


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