Peres: Starting Tamar Field Gas Flow On Shabbos ‘Was A Mistake’


peresWhile meeting with the country’s chief rabbis, the Israeli president expressed admiration for the project to bring natural gas from the deep-water Tamar gas field of Israel’s coast, but criticized the timing of its launch.

He said today that it was a mistake to begin the flow of natural gas from the Tamar gas field to Israel on a Shabbos. After four years in the works, production from the deep-water field, located approximately 90 kilometers off the coast of Haifa in the Mediterranean Sea, began at 4 P.M. on Shabbos.

During a visit with Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Peres hailed Israeli businessman Yitzhak Tshuva for the natural gas drilling projects. But when asked by journalists if it was necessary to begin delivering the gas on Saturday, a decision that caused uproar in the chareidi press, he replied, “I believe it wasn’t necessary. As simple as that. I don’t know why they did it, it was a mistake.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Kol Ha Kavod, may I add it is slightly disturbing that it takes a chiloni to point it out. The silence of the wonderful govt parties is pretty deafening. Chag Sameach.

  2. ” it is slightly disturbing that it takes a chiloni to point it out”

    Of all the non-religious politicians in Israel; Shimon Peres has always been the one who has been the most supportive of religious practice and institutions. He speaks with pride of having met the Chafetz Chaim as a child.

    It should be noted that natural gas fields will of necessity need to run 24/7. Maybe we can sell let a non-Jew keep the profits from the Shabat gas?


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