Peres To Visit White House In June


obama-peresIsraeli President Shimon Peres will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House on June 25th, the White House said today.

Peres’ visit will come after US-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians ground to a halt and against the backdrop of talks between the United States and five other world powers with Iran about that country’s nuclear program.

Peres met with US national security advisor Susan Rice in Jerusalem today before broader US-Israeli security consultations, the White House said.

“On Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Ambassador Rice reaffirmed that the only path to a lasting peace is for a secure Jewish state to exist side-by-side with a viable, independent Palestinian state,” the White House said.

“There’s no alternative to the two-state solution,” Peres agreed. “Israel is reaching out for peace with all of its neighbors, primarily with the Palestinians.”

The president also stressed that despite the crisis that brought peace talks to a halt, “the door is not yet closed. We must find the way to renew the negotiations between us and the Palestinians.”

But, Peres said, Israel would not be willing to talk to Hamas unless it adhere to the principles of non-violence and recognition of the State of Israel.

“The world must pressure Hamas to accept the three conditions of the Quartet,” he said. “We must make it clear to Hamas that no one will pay and fund their rockets.”

The two also discussed the Iranian nuclear threat, as Tehran and the six world powers – United States, Britain, Russia, China, Germany and France – continue talks in an attempt to reach a final status agreement before the July 20 deadline.

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  1. He and the US president are stepping all over Netanyahu. As President, Peres does not have the mandate to conduct diplomacy regarding policy positions of the State
    How did Netanyahu allow them to replace him with Peres in the international arena? This is not to be believed!


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