Peter King: Be ‘More Vigilant Than Ever’ as 9/11 Anniversary Nears


peter-kingRep. Peter King of New York says he is aware of no specific threat against the homeland as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, but as the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaida have been ramping up their rhetoric and actions, “We certainly have to be more vigilant that ever.

“We cannot let our guard down for a second, especially with the anniversary of 9/11 coming up,” King said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

With ISIS in the headlines lately, it’s easy to see al-Qaida “wanting to get back into the game … to show that they are top in the Islamic terrorist world,” King said.

ISIS has become a lead story after beheading two American journalists recently, in addition to atrocities against Iraqis. But King warned that other terrorist groups, such as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and core al-Qaida, should not be ignored.

That said, King wants to see a “sustained national effort” against ISIS, which controls large portions of Iraq and Syria and claims a caliphate from which it plans to rule the world.

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  1. Why are they referring to the U.S. as the homeland? Is it just me that finds it weird? I also find it spooky because I’m pretty sure that’s how the Nazis referred to their land.

  2. Homeland, motherland, fatherland, artzeinu hakedosha.

    Different societies refer to their country in different ways.

    Get over it.

  3. One MASSIVE traffic jam in the morning, (just a bit more than we have many mornings in NYC), tying up ALL emergency vehicles in the tri-state area……And why have there been an increasing number of ‘fender-benders’ , taking up NYPD and NJPD (also CT) time, manpower and money? Practice!
    This also helps our enemies plot -like GPS – the most effective ways to paralyze the metro area.
    Apply the same overlay to Bay Area SF, etc., and you have a low-price, high-performance strike against the USA, easier than hitting another Twin Towers!


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