Peter King: Time for Obama, de Blasio to Stop Anti-Police Rhetoric


peter-kingIt’s time for President Barack Obama, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and many in the media to “stop the cop bashing and anti-police rhetoric,” New York Republican Rep. Peter King said Sunday.

“For the last four months, we’ve basically heard nothing other than the cops are guilty, presumed cops are guilty, then the grand jury says they’re not going to be indicted,” King said on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo. “People demonstrate, March in the streets, and it’s so slanted.”

King said Sunday that the Eric Garner case in Staten Island was “supposed to be racial,” when in fact “it was an African-American chief of the police department who sent in the police officers at the request of minority business owners. The top-ranking police officer at the scene was an African American female sergeant.”

But even so, that did not stop civil rights leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton and others from demonstrating, said King. Further, while de Blasio has said he wanted to be notified if there were threats against the police, but “the fact is, last week there were thousands of demonstrators in fact, earlier this week, there were thousands of demonstrators chanting they wanted dead cops, they wanted dead cops now.”

Instead, said King, de Blasio has been supporting Sharpton, but he thinks national and local leaders should stop elevating him.

“The president’s idea of a conversation is to find out how we can make the cops better, assuming that the cops are wrong to begin with,” said King. And such opinions create a climate “where you can have mad men.” Read more.

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  1. Last year — while riding on a public bus and reading a Hebrew Sefer — I was approached by a police officer and arrested. He drove me in his squad car to the local police station and filed an array of very serious FALSE charges against me. While I was in lockup, he confiscated my briefcase and removed and read my personal/confidential papers. (Off-the-record he told me that he is a neo-Nazi!)

    Unfortunately, the criminal law attorney I hired — who (I believe) was more interested in maintaining a good relationship with the cops that in representing me and establishing the truth –had them reduce the FALSE charges somewhat.

    Lesson: We are in Galus.

  2. The Congressman is %100 right. I think intelligent people now realize that the Liberal approach to policing is wrong and very dangerous. It might work for “saving” the earth or animals but for law and order, it is unacceptable. We had 20 years of Giuliani/Bloomberg with the criminal Sharpton, and we were fine. Why change that now?

  3. #1,

    Lets get this. In your little story

    A) Cops hang around on buses.
    B) They arrest people who read Hebrew books.

    OK. Why didn’t we hear about this until today? Why did the officer come on to the bus – who called him and under what pretense? If a cop told you that he’s a fascist, did you report it to the internal affairs bureau? This is a very serious matter that NYPD would take very seriously.


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