Pew Survey: As Christianity Declines, Judaism Rises—But Not As Fast As Islam



The Pew Research Center’s newly released 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study revealed that while the Jewish population in the U.S. increased by 0.2 percent from 2007-13, the fastest-growing religion in the U.S. is currently Islam, with 0.5-percent growth during the same period. Islam is followed by Hinduism, which had 0.3-percent growth.

Non-Christian faiths as a whole, according the survey, grew by 1.2 percent during those years. Meanwhile, those who are unaffiliated with a particular faith, including those identifying as atheist or agnostic, grew by 6.7 percent. The population of those identifying as Christian went down by 7.8 percent, with the largest decline reported in the Evangelical population.

Among non-Christian religions, the survey said, Jews and Hindus are reported to be the most educated religious groups in the U.S. Fifty-nine percent of Jews and 77 percent of Hindus reported to have academic degrees. Those two religious groups are also reported to have the highest average household incomes, with 36 percent of Hindu families and 44 percent of Jewish families earning more than $100,000 annually.


{ Newscenter}


  1. What does Islam offer other that hate and killing and exceptionally harsh restrictions upon girls and women?
    Why is it so attractive? Is our generation so eager and excited about hate and killing?

  2. Don’t get panicky, folks. Remember that Muslim growth rate is starting from a very, very small percentage of US population as a whole. We’re not in danger of sharia law – except in the minds of people with very vivid imaginations.


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