Photo of Recalcitrant Husband Publicized


A Tzefas bais din authorized the publication of the photo of recalcitrant husband Shraga Feibush Wiezel, who fled to London six years ago and deserted his wife.

“This was a second marriage for the couple. They have no children together, and it should have been a simple matter,” said Rav Eliyahu Maimon, head of the Agunos Department of the rabbinate botei din. “But he fled and now lives in London. For six years we have done all sorts of things with no success. We thought that the right thing is to arouse the public; the public will help us to put pressure on him.”

In Haifa, another bais din issued an unprecedented ruling that a divorced woman who turned her children against her former husband could be deprived of her 3,400 shekels monthly alimony.

“The bais din cannot accept the mother’s behavior,” the bais din explained, ruling that if the meetings between father and children were not renewed within four months, the alimony would be reduced and the father was permitted to request from a bais din to pay the alimony directly to his children in the course of his meetings with them.

David Steger – Israel


  1. If I provide with letters from an authentic Beis Din severely criticizing a woman for her wrong behaviors, which need to be stopped, will Matzav publish it?


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