Photo: Yahadut Hatorah MKs Meet Following Election to Observe Results and Celebrate Expected 7 Seats




  1. I need a simple answer to a simple question. If we claimed that there were over 700,000 male frum / chareidim in the streets of yerushalayim demonstrating against the draft, take off 100,000 for those under 18 who cannot vote. That leaves over 600,000 frum chareidi males alone. Add 600,000 female chareidim The population is approximately 50% – 50% male female). You have 1.2 million frum people. Add at minimum another 300,000 (highly underestimated)chareidim that could not be at the demonstration that gives us 1.5 million chareidim. And now we are proud that we received 7 seats in the Knesset. If the numbers in attendance are true (which I doubt), then where on earth were all these people when it came to go to the ballot box??

    What right do we have to complain about the government or the agenda that we have when the votes are not there and the people did not listen to the gedolim and did not bother to vote??

    I am missing some part of this equation.


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