Photos: A Visit to the New Ve’Yoel Moshe Development in Kiryas Yoel

0 recently visited the new development in Kiryas Joel, Ve’Yoel Moshe, where construction is underway to build a development with 1,500 apartments.

Kiryat Yoel has in the last 40 years outgrown their boundaries. Thousands of heimishe families who wished to live in a chassidishe atmosphere started moving out and the area experienced a natural growth. In recent years, this has created a shortage in new apartments.

Now, after passing through all the bureaucracy and obstacles, the workers have been able to start working on this new development. The project is being widely followed by the public, due to the fact that  the development will have 1,500 apartments that will alleviate the shortage of apartments in the town and bring some peace of minds to those looking for some new space.




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