Photos: Belzer Cheder Students Learning Hilchos Tzitzis Visit Mefoar Judaica Factory to Watch Tzitzis-Making Process (JDN)


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  1. Witness children learning how to survive. The malevolence of non-orthodox movements is a terror. A child will find only harm.

    I did not know what tzitzits were until I was in my mid-30s. By then all the damage of hate was done. My thoughts are that a criminal movement of false rabbis found the pockets of many loosely affiliated jews. Mundane hate becomes the destruction of the living.

    G-d is not ultimate in every limit of a bad society. The reform are so bad that if you issued bad checks to the yireh you could never see, the world bickers only over the nicety of the hate of the bad shoes you did not replace.

    Young must know how to learn their way. The reform destroy any child they touch. They should be discussed, vacated and removed from all jewish society.

    Let us all know a child without tzitzits will go astray, lose any inner Torah connection, feel no place for Torah, care less to study the wicked, see no place for home and family, fight among lost humor, cull no voice for Israel and ultimately fail with Hashem until he learns Torah.

    The worth is more that the 25 bucks to purchase a tallis katan.

    This is the most horrendous crime in the jewish universe. All else finds the heresy.

    Vote only for a jew who wears tzitzits. The gentile will make do well until the future sees the orthodox.

    Terror scandal.


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