Photos: Chavrusah Tumult in Brisk


chavrusah-tumult-in-yeshivas-brisk[Photos below.] Earlier in the week, shared with you coverage of the large chavrusah tumult at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, to begin the winter zeman. The following collection of pictures is from the  chavrusah tumult held this week at Yeshivas Brisk on Rechov Press in Yerushalayim, which is led by its rosh yeshiva, Rav Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik. The hundreds of talmidim of the yeshiva gathered on the street, as well as in and around the yeshiva, to set up their chavrusos for the coming zeman. 

Once a bochur in Yeshivas Brisk has his chavrusos arranged, he must procure a seat, which is also a process of sorts, as various seats are already taken from the previous zeman. There is also the question of whose shiur the bochur will attend. Many bochurim seek to enter Rav Avrohom Yehoshua’s shiur but must first receive special permission from the rosh yeshiva. Many attend the popular shiur delivered by Rav Moshele Soloveitchik, a brother of the rosh yeshiva.

To view photos of the chavrusah tumult, see below:

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  1. What a shanda!

    I learned in these Yeshivos TUMLING DAY is a disester i wish that the Rosh yeshivos would stop this system the great boys get Chavrusos & the avarage boys get thrown from one name to next name boys get embaresed.

    A Chavruseshaft should be handled very sensetive the Choshuv Bocher can learn with avarage Bochur & the roshei Yeshivos should hire someone responsable to deal with this issue….

  2. Chavrusa tumolt is a made up Masseh. There is no such thing. 3/4 of the time is spent yacking about how the bein hazmanim went. the other 15% of the time is just shmoozing with the chavrusa that you had already taken from before.

    I challenge you to find me a story or picture of a “Chavrusa Tumolt from 5-10years ago. Its GMG Gurnisht mit Gurnisht. Thank you.

  3. Dear What a shanda…
    I left Yeshiva because of Chavrusa Tumult and its reprecussions. I’m sure thousands have also. Change the system!!!!!

  4. #1 and #4 I don’t know about other places, but BMG -about which was commented on as having a poor chavrusah tumult system here on has in fact put in place a very successful system a number of years ago. It is constantly being improved upon and was met with approval across the board.
    In addition, it would be prudent of those commenting on the chavrusah tumult in general to consider for a moment the enormous task of organizing chavrusos for such large number of people. Pairing the appropriate bochur/yungerman together so that both of them gain from the chavrusah is not a simple task. Unless you have a better system to suggest it is not fair to simply disparage on the yeshivos way of doing something.
    One more comment. The futility of having a chavrusah tumult during bein hazmanim should be obvious for many reasons. Many people simply won’t be able make it. Bein hazmanim it very short as it is and many take advantage of this time to accomplish other projects etc that they cannot do during the zman.
    (I wonder, where the chavrusah tumult to be scheduled for bein hazmanim, would people complain then too? – “ … to much wasted time and frivolities … implement a seder … “ etc.)


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