Photos: Gedolei Admorim and Rabbanim Attend Dirshu Siyum on Seder Nashim in Brooklyn


A massive crowd joined the Skulener Rebbe, the Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe, and other prominent Admorim and Rabbanim to celebrate the Dirshu siyum on Seder Nashim in the Daf Yomi cycle at the Ateres Chynka Hall in Brooklyn.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the event was the hadran delivered by the Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe, and the Kaddish that was said following the hadran by the Skulener Rebbe.

Deeply inspiring was the dancing that broke out and the shining countenance of the Skulener Rebbe who despite his age and infirmity enthusiastically danced as the massive crowd in seemingly endless rows of people danced with him clapping their hands. The simchas haTorah of the hundreds of mesaymim was palpable.

HaRav Dovid Olewski, shlita, the Gerer Rosh Yeshiva, explained that Dirshu has created a new entity, called, “A Dirshu home.” A Dirshu home is one in which Torah and the Torah growth of the husband and father is paramount. When there is a family simcha or other obligation, the daily learning and chazarah comes first. This creates a new entity called a Dirshu woman, who sacrifices her husband’s assistance with the children and other comforts because the ol Torah, the yoke of Torah is paramount. This in turn creates a Dirshu child. A child in such a family learns from the youngest age that Torah comes before everything!”

Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Nasi of Dirshu explained that to achieve a true Kinyan in Torah it is not enough just to go through the Daf so that we can say I have another Masechta under my belt. In order to have a true kinyan in Torah a person must toil, and truly work hard at it. This is what Dirshu Kinyan Torah learners have achieved.”

In his Hadran Drasha, the Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe, said that he was profoundly moved that in the galus of America we have merited to have so many yidden who are learning and constantly reviewing to the extent that they are able to be tested on masechta after masechta. He said, his illustrious father, the previous Klausenberger Rebbe would say that it is a far greater accomplishment for a person to be tested on Masechtos in America than someone in Eretz Yisrael, where the society is more Torah oriented.

HaRav Shlomo Cynamon, the Rov of Kehal Bnei Torah, Rosh Kollel Dirshu Flatbush, was honored with beginning Masechta Bava Kama.

The final speech was delivered by HaRav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, Rav of Agudas Yisroel of Flatbush and R”M at Mesivta Shalom Shachne. Rav Weinberger eloquently and passionately explained how when a person puts pressure on himself to excel in yedias haTorah he can achieve greatness. “We live in the Microwave generation. People think they can become microwave talmidei chachamim overnight without investment of time and effort. I feel small in front of the talmidei chachamim in this room who have invested so much effort into their learning.”


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