Photos: Hundreds Protest in Yerushalayim and Tel Aviv, Calling for Major Military Response to Murders



ההפגנות בתל אביב. צילום: תצפית
לחץ כאן לצפייה בסלולר ובטאבלטים

{ Israel/Photos: Becahdrei Chareidim}


  1. NOW, all you lib NY/East Coast Jewish brothers are realizing the truth about our Muslim POTUS? You guys should be pointing fingers at yourselves. You are supposed to be of above-average intelligence and have generations of logical deduction and analytical skills embedded in your skulls.
    I hope you see how clouded your thinking has become since WWII. You have forgotten who we really are and as such became part and parcel of our own undoing.
    Liberalism goes with Judaism as much as Reform. Never made sense. WAKE UP LIBERAL NEW YORK JEWS!
    Sorry, had to be said. I love you all.


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