Photos: ISIS ‘Executes Donald Trump, Netanyahu’ In Latest Propaganda Campaign

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  1. Fact- the Quran is on trial. This image that the arabic community of ISIS hate state has presented can be discussed today. While we who are jewish and christian anywhere on earth may have hoped safety, this community will not tolerate any who is biblical.

    In any sense, the bible is not going to burn in New York but anything its read. I guess when we have a culture that is yet to realize who G-d is, it will take more bombs to enlighten the history books why this image can be reasonable reality to buy more stock we will have greater wars.

    The bible tells of good power. Its Hashem. Our souls wait for his power.

    Arabs might be ready another war.

    • Obama has proven to be the most brilliant man on this earth because he named that terror group ISIL, not ISIS. That got them so confused and frustrated, they just disbanded and went back to work at construction sites.


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