Photos: Kesivas Ha’osiyos L’illui Nishmas the Sassoon Children z”l on Their Shloshim at Their Former Cheder, Talmud Torah Shirah Chadashah in Ramat Shlomo



{ Israel}


  1. Every time I see a picture of Mr. Sassoon my heart goes out to him. May all of the chasodim being done l’zaicher nishmos his children be a zechus for the refuah shelaima of his wife and daughter and a nechoma for him and his relatives.

  2. Give an eternal Zechus to the Sassoon family!

    Women & girls can join a weekly email initiative to receive short summaries based off of Daughters of Dignity as a Zechus for the 7 Sassoon Diamonds and for a Refuah Shlaimah for Gila Bas Francis and Tzipora Bas Gila.

    Simply email with the words SUBSCRIBE in the subject line


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