Photos: Rav Chaim Kanievsky Davening at His Father’s Kever on His Yahrtzeit (JDN)



  1. YES, OF COURSE IT’S CLASSIC – because it was takeh his father’s yahrtzeit and he did daven at his father’s kever and then he went over to his wife’s kever nearby and he davened there as well. so everything is fine, and maybe you owe MATZAV an apology, i don’t know why they posted your dumb comment

  2. I posted before the same thing that Vos Iz Dos said, but after You’re the fools said its not true. I would like to apologize to matzav. (why didn’t my first post go through yet?)

  3. Caption and photos must match. Would you put pictures of someone’s wedding at a mitzvah tantz and title it “chuppah” and say that is not wrong because the chuppah did happen before the mitzvah tantz?


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