Photos: Skverer Rebbe Returns to Shikun Skver After Undergoing Operation


After a thirty-two day absence from Shikun Skver, the Skverer Rebbe returned on Thursday, 26Tammuz/July 20. A month earlier, the rebbe left to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he underwent a complex heart operation. After about a week in the hospital, the rebbe went to convalesce in Malibu, California, where he remained until Thursday.

The residents of Shikun Skver came out en masse to greet the rebbe upon his return. The rebbe spoke briefly in a voice choked with emotion, thanking the entire tzibbur for their tefillos.

Photos by JDN:


  1. Who cares. They want to keep themselves separate from everyome else why report about them! Do you have amnesia about them not wanting other jews to buy the housing around new square!

  2. I’m very happy the Skverer Rebbe is B”H back & recovered but like comment #1 said they don’t want Frum ppl buying & developing near Skver, truly why should we honor & show them attention we they want to be separate from everyone else & not let Monsey expand where that space is needed, thank u #1 for bringing that it, it’s a very important point


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