Photos: Snowstorm Hits Northeast


snow[Photos below.] The massive Northeast storm that battered Long Island with 2 ½ feet of snow, knocked out power to thousands there and stranded hundreds of motorists on its highways prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ask other towns and cities today to send plows to help dig out the part of the state hit the hardest by far.

Drivers abandoned their vehicles on Long Island and even snowplows got stuck, leading authorities to close major highways to all but emergency vehicles. Emergency workers had to use snowmobiles to try to reach stranded motorists.

In New York City, the snow accumulation in Central Park was 11.4 inches and 12.1 at LaGuardia Airport.

Meteorologist David Stark said the city got more sleet rather than snow, which suppressed the snowfall totals.

New Englanders began the back-breaking job of digging out from as much as 3 feet of snow today and emergency crews used snowmobiles to reach shivering motorists stranded overnight on New York’s Long Island after a howling storm swept through the Northeast.

About 650,000 homes and businesses were left without electricity, and some could be cold and dark for days. Roads across the New York-to-Boston corridor of roughly 25 million people were impassable. Cars were entombed by drifts. Some people found the wet, heavy snow packed so high against their homes they couldn’t get their doors open.


{ Newscenter}


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