Photos: The Rebbes of Satmar and Pshevorsk Visiting France (JDN)



  1. Very nice pictures. I wonder how many yidden know the story that before and during WWII the satmar rebbe told the yidden to stay in Europe and not go to tumana Israel or America. But when he was in danger, he saved himself on the kastner train. History repeating in France?

  2. What Jewish person in history of world ever discouraged anyone from moving to ey!!? I know the meraglim nice company! They were also ‘tzaddikim’

  3. Re: Anonymous.
    Always easy to hear half a story. Perhaps if we could’ve asked him we would find out that those people were destined to be on MV Struma. Perhaps those people ended up in the usa. Perhaps he knew that it was just a ploy like many other instances where the cursed germans Sheim reshaim yirkav! just stole their victims money and then shot them. Just saying, it’s not fair when you have one side of a story to cover and slander another person knowing that he can’t defend himself due to his not being alive.

  4. Well, even Kastner was a real fraud. You see how money corrupts. He didn’t even see how his Jewish brothers and sisters were being slaughtered. It was all about, how can I line my own pockets? The Rebbe was very lucky that the Kastner train wasn’t high jacked by the Nazi’s.


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