Video, Photos: Thompson Campaigns in Boro Park With Hikind


thompson-in-boro-park[Video and photos below. Thompson video ad below.] Bill Thompson, Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City, was in Boro Park a short while ago campaigning together with Assemblyman Dov Hikind. A large crowd of local residents gathered around the two politicians as they spoke about the future of New York City and what is at stake in this Tuesday’s mayoral election, stating that four more years of Mayor Mike Bloomberg would be a disaster for residents.

The gathering took place on 13th Avenue, in front of Amnon’s Pizza Shop. Following remarks by Thompson and Hikind, residents got to speak to Thompson personally about issues affecting City residents.

Assemblyman Hikind cited Thompson’s commitment to addressing key issues important to middle-class New Yorkers, including jobs, schools, and the rising costs of housing, transportation, water rates, sales and property taxes, as reasons why he is the better choice to lead New York City.

“I’ve known Bill Thompson for 30 years and he is one of the most decent, caring people you will ever meet,” Assemblyman Hikind said. “He’s been a dear friend and someone I’ve stood with over the years, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a great leader for New Yorkers all across our City. I am proud and delighted to stand here today and endorse Bill Thompson for mayor.”

Of the endorsement Bill said, “I am proud and honored to stand here today with my friend Assemblyman Dov Hikind and accept his endorsement for mayor of New York City. For eight years, New York’s middle-class families have struggled with skyrocketing rents, water rates, MTA fares and taxes, while Mike Bloomberg continues to cater to the Manhattan elite. Eight years of neglecting the hardworking men and women of this City are enough. On November 3, let’s take back the referendum that Mike Bloomberg denied us and appoint new leadership at City Hall that will fight for all New Yorkers.”

See below for photos of today’s event taken by a photographer:

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Click below for video of today’s event:


In other mayoral election news, Bill Thompson has a head-spinning ad that attacks Mayor Bloomberg in one breath and sardonically accepts his endorsement in the next. Entitled “Hypocrite,” the ad starts with Thompson criticizing Bloomberg for overturning term limits and “spending millions of dollars distorting my record.” Then he says, “Here’s what he [Bloomberg} really thinks,” and shows a video of a speech by the mayor in a 2007 — before it was clear the two would face off — predicting that Thompson “will go down in history as maybe the best comptroller the city has ever had.”

Thompson smiles and says, “Thanks, Mike,” before ending with a promise to “put City Hall back on the side of the middle class.”

Interestingly, the ad also flashes President Obama’s picture on the screen with a reminder that he endorses Thompson — a reference to his perfunctory statement of support, through a White House spokesman, for the “Democratic nominee.”

The full script of the ad appears below the video. Click on the screen to watch:

[media id=243 width=400 height=300]

Text of “Hypocrite” ad:

THOMPSON: Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg threw out term limits. Now he’s spending millions of dollars distorting my record to be able to stay in office. But here’s what he really thinks:

BLOOMBERG: Bill, you should know, has been comptroller of the city of New York for the same length of time I have been mayor and I think he will go down in history as maybe the best comptroller the city has ever had.

THOMPSON: Thanks, Mike there’s only one issue. Will you be able to afford to live here if Mike Bloomberg’s reelected? It’s time to put City Hall back on the side of the middle class.

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  1. Mr. Thompson. Please dont be a lier over and over again. President Obama DID NOT endorse you. He simply said, to everyones astonishment, You know I’m a democrat and Mr. Thompson is a Democrat and I will be supporting the Democratic Party.

    No Mention of an endorsement.

    If we cant trust you on such a simple matter, How can we trust you with the City. Comeon be Truthful.

  2. Moshe, you are so right. All the english media were busy commenting, how President Obama almost totally ignored Mr. Thompson on his visit to New York. The President went to campaign for numerous individuals in New York and New Jersey but NOT for Mr. Thompson. Today’s Daily News says, that Mr. Thompson just wanted to come out of this Presidential visit to New York with a picture with the President. However, it says the President gave him a handshake in a place and time when the two would not be photograhed together. WOW< What an endorsement.

  3. EightIsEnough, How can we know that Thompson won’t extend it for himself if he isn’t honest? Should we stick our heads into the sand and vote for someone without reviewing his record just to denounce term-limits? Would you vote for anyone and to your destruction for one stupid reason? The only thing I heard Thompson claiming against Bloomberg is term-limits, republican and Bush-Giuliani. Now is that called highlighting his credentials or running against president Bush? Vote out the councilmen who extended term-limits if that’s your only problem. Bloomberg wasn’t the one to actually extend it rather the legislators and councilmembers who had the power to enforce it.

  4. #4 Serious One,
    Bill Thompson’s using of the quasi endorsement from Obama is strictly politics. By everyones agreement there was some sort of endorsement or issuance of support from the White House. Personally that support is meanigless to me but I clearly understand why the Thomson campaign would go to great lengths to use it as much as possible- where possible. Want to talk about a record? What about Thompson’s thirty year record of excellence in government? Bill Thompson is clearly admired by people from all walks including the most respected of our community. Dont let the Bloomberg pressure machine fool you. Bill Thompson has an outstanding record as city Comptroller and an even more impressive record when dealing with our community. Ask eany of the senior Askonim off the record.
    Bloomberg has not been the great friend of our religious community as he now purports. The facts speak loud and clear.
    Our mosdos and instituitions need real help. Bloomberg has not delivered. Will Thompson? Don’t know, but the last eight years have been back breaking for our community and its small businesses. Enough is enough.
    The Mayor has been adequate at best.
    It is time for a change.

  5. The only thing that Mayor Bloomberg didn’t do was cater to a select group of so called community activists. Lately one of them was very vocal on both the Radio for 2 hours and later in the papers. He explained that the Mayor never met with certain representatives and that not enough programs were allocated to the community. To this individual, I wouldn’t meet with you either. You are the last one to be vocal and complain of the lack of programs that the City is giving to our institutions. Do you know what I mean? Please be real and Halt Dus Moil. You would be doing yourself a big Toiva.


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