Photos: Thousands Attend Levaya of Rav Zundel Kroizer zt”l



{ Israel/Photos courtesy of Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. #1 -its not the way to speak. No question that we have to look at the petira of such a tzaddik as a message from H-shem – otherwise we would have missed the boat. But I don’t think the words you used are appropriate.

  2. to #1

    too bad klal yisroel doesn’t appreciate the Tzaddikim/leaders Hashem sends us to guide us in the right path to Hashem.

    So they get returned to their resting place, WITH hashem in olam habah.

    will we ever do teshuva & beg hashem forgiveness for all the cause of tragedies that we did?

    May his neshama have an aliya.

  3. #1: Your statement borders on Kefirah. We have a mesorah that we will always have leaders, both revealed and hidden ones. People, especially older people, are niftar eventually. This will continue until Moshiach comes. When a gadol passes, we are to be introspective and examine our ways, not be distraught and depressed.

  4. to #4 and #2
    well chazal say the taking of a gadol is like the burning of the beis hamikdash, and i believe u would agree with what #1 SAID THAT THE BURNING OF THE BEIS HAMIKDASH IS A TERRIBILE SIGN, SO Y DO U HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT HE SAID, yes these are terrible times, but no one said there are no other gedoilim
    hashem yerachaim


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