Photos, Video: The Gerer Rebbe Visiting the Kosel (JDN)



  1. I’m actually quite impressed by this…No spectacle is made, you don’t see people going nuts, they don’t clear out half the kosel for him…Nice…Modest..Humble…

  2. The Gerrer Rebbe shlit”a has been to New York many times. Ever see signs, psters, advertisements, lights, etc ??
    Never. That’s not the way of Ger. “Hatznei leches”. They way it should be. No spectacles. No tumult. Just “tachlis”.
    Kol Hakovod

  3. I wish there was signs when the Gerer Rebbe comes to Bklyn, I would really have love to seen him, but without signs I never knew about it, I understand that Ger wants to be “Hatznei Leches” but at the same time there is nothing wrong with letting the frum communities of Bklyn, Monsey & Lkwd know about it, I wish the Gerer Rebbe lived in Bklyn, he is a real Tzadik


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