Photos: Yidden Begin to Arrive in Uman for Rosh Hashanah



{ Israel/Photos: Kikar HaShabbos}


  1. ill never understand the pouring of so many million of dollars into the economy of the country that were the biggest helpers of the Nazis

    and ill never understand the idea of people that live in eretz hakodesh
    to go to this accursed land for rosh Hashanah

    nonetheless all their tefilos should be meskabel
    and we should all have a good gebenched yor!

  2. Rabbi Lazar Brody, a renowned spokesman for Breslav Chassidus, wrote: “How much more must Hashem shout at our brethern in the Jew-hating Ukraine to leave there right away? Why a Ukrainian Jew remains for another 5 minutes in the Ukraine is beyond my comprehension. It’s time to get out of there and to come home to the only true home a Jew has on earth – the Land of Israel.” (Lazer Beams, 24 April 2014)

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. In light of this sentiment, how can anyone support the incomprehensible Jewish pilgrimage to Uman each year, which pumps hundreds of thousands of dollars, shekels, euros (etc.) into the pockets of people who hate us. This is an absurdity! I am one of those who believe that there is absolutely NO halachic or hashkafic justification for this annual trek to Uman, especially by those who make a yerida by leaving the Eretz HaKodesh to a land of tumah.
    But the current climate makes the case for ending this pilgrimage even stronger. Only when the Uman-trekkers decide to end this absurd pilgrimage to the niftar Rebbe’s grave, an extravaganza which brings thousands of Jews flowing INTO Ukraine, will there be any credibility to a call for the Jews to get OUT. You just can’t have it both ways and still be considered sane.

  3. anyone know the true ratio?
    how many go because they are bresliv?
    how many go for the entertainment?
    how many for other reasons? like believing in the segulah if you go there etc…?

    Whats the percentage? let us know what you think & what your opinion is.

  4. Yossi: There’s no halacha against spending money in countries with many anti-Semites. People go to Poland to Auschwitz all the time. Jews have been going to the graves of tzaddikim for thousands of years, regardless of the character of the people who live nearby. And this is a special case, because Rebbe Nachman told his followers it was very important to visit his grave on Rosh HaShana, and most Breslover leaders today tell their followers to do so. They’re just chassidim dutifully following their rebbe and their gedolim.

    Aliyah Now: Many Ukranian Jews barely have a Jewish identity because they’re not religious. Hardly very good candidates for aliyah. Yet if they had more contact with Israelis and religious Jews and started to feel more religious, and more connected to their people, that may well help aliyah. So all the Yidden coming to Ukraine may influence Ukraine’s Jews for the good. People like R’ Lazer Brody are the perfect people to do this.

    Shaul: If you look at most photos, the majority seem to be regular chassidim, and a big minority seem to be na-nach chassidim. All Breslovers.

    A minority seem to be dati leumi or traditional. But that doesn’t mean they don’t consider Breslov to be their personal derech in Yiddishkeit. Most likely, many of them wouldn’t be religious at all without exposure to Rebbe Nachman’s teachings. Just as with Chabad, Breslov (both the teachings themselves and the kiruv rabbis) have brought many, many people from secularism to complete observance, and kept many FFBs from going OTD. I myself was first attracted to real Yiddishkeit through reading Rebbe Nachman’s works. Check them out — perhaps you’ll find something that speaks to your neshama.


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